Center for Applied Urbanism (CAU) is a network of professional interdisciplinary teams from different cities of Russia and the post-Soviet space, a community of expert practitioners.

The purpose of CAU is the collection and exchange of data, cases, expertise for the capitalization of working technologies of urban development in post-Soviet reality.

The main task solved by CAU practices is the development of cities by the forces of the cities themselves, local communities and experts, the rethinking of local identity and culture, open educational technologies, the involvement of all urban subjects (citizens, administration, business, communities) through CAU methods of social design, implementation sustainable development projects from the yard to the city scale.

Currently, more than 200 cities have joined the CAU network. Local offices work in three directions:

  • Education — practice of real projects, transfer of competences to as many urban subjects as possible, open educational technologies;
  • Research and analysis — the collection and processing of information about the city, its physical space, urban subjects, culture and history;
  • Design and project management — implementation of local projects of urban development, including commercial ones.

Svyatoslav Murunov is an ideologist of the CAU network, the urbanist, the teacher of the Philosophy Department in Lomonosov Moscow State University and Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. Facebook ☞

Anastasia Yurchuk is a coordinator of CAU Kaliningrad office, a culturologist and researcher. Facebook ☞

Valentina Jansen is a coordinator of CAU Kaliningrad office, a cultural mediator and producer. Facebook ☞