28 July 2017
Kaliningrad, 4 PM

CAU SCHOOL: «City producer» workshop

CAU SCHOOL is a series of workshops about the new urban professions. The basis is the author’s methodology of the CAU — «Creative cluster 3.0». It is possible to get acquainted with the methodology already now: https://goo.gl/qb5FrS.

The creative cluster CAU methodology is not only a space, but a new type of activity for urban actors, in which art, creativity, education, small-scale production, applied science, through joint activities and events are transformed into new social actors, connections, energy, money , ideas, emotions.

A city producer is a creative entrepreneur who chooses problems and builds a community around finding solutions to common problems in a special way. The two main parameters of its effectiveness are speed and uniqueness. The city producer creates a new city, a new atmosphere, a new community, a new event, not just to solve seemingly unsolvable problems, but to create or test new queries and new scenarios. Attention: this is the main competence of all new urban professions for the monetization of local culture.

For whom workshop:

  • Creative entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Organizers, community leaders, activists who need to monetize their activities;
  • Creative Clusters (management company and tenants / partners);
  • Startup in search of new niches;
  • For municipal employees and officials to find new tools for solving non-trivial tasks with available resources.

What is to be learned:

  • To be inspired by urban problems;
  • Generate and implement solutions;
  • Do not do everything yourself – means delegating;
  • Monetize your uniqueness as a technology.

Date: July 28-July 30, 2017
Place: the Library named after. Chekhov – Moskovsky prospekt, 39.

July 28 – 16-00 – 20-00, 29 and 30 July – from 10-00 to 20-00.

Our workshops assume only full-time participation and presence on all days, personal experience and a specific project / request is welcomed. The workshop is being given in Russian.

Seminar leader / methodology / moderation: Svyatoslav Murunov.

Coordinators: Anastasia Yurchuk and Valentina Jansen.

You can ask questions at: info@cpukaliningrad.ru

Participation in the workshop is free, but the number of seats is limited (40). To participate, please fill out the form below.