18 August 2017
Kaliningrad, 4 PM

CAU SCHOOL: «Social design» workshop

The formation of the urban environment and urban development in Russian cities have their own specifics. One of the key challenges is the need to organize a constructive dialogue between various actors – representatives of the city administration, developers, designers, communities.

How can architects and developers investigate the needs of citizens and involve them in the design process, and what is the positive effect of this interaction? How can the residents of the district join forces in order to influence the projects of changing the environment to the stage of public hearings?

The answers to these questions are provided by social design. It is the search for a solution to the problem by the forces of those who are directly affected by this problem. This technology allows, through building a dialogue between various actors – experts, activists, representatives of the administration, business or city communities – to jointly design urban changes.

For whom this workshop:

  • Architect and town planners;
  • Urban activists;
  • Representatives of TOS, management companies, municipalities;
  • City researchers;
  • Social entrepreneurs;
  • Representatives of creative professions.

What will the participants receive:

  • New knowledge about communities: their rhythm of activity, internal structure, values ​​for others, cycles of birth and dying, transformation and separation. As architects and developers can explore the needs of citizens and involve them in the design process;
  • Practical skills for the creation and development of new communities;
  • Systematization of own knowledge and experience of organization of city communities, training of competences.

Workshop will be held August 18 – 20.

Details of the program, venue, schedule and conditions for recruitment to the workshop will be announced later. To receive updates, please subscribe to the «Urban Digest».

Registration coming soon