30 June 2017
Kaliningrad, 4 PM

Project seminar «Creative industries»

Svyatoslav Murunov, ideologist of Centre of applied urbanism

Centre for Applied Urbanism (CAU) in Kaliningrad presents a project seminar «Creative Industries»: technologies for creating a creative cluster – methods for research and analysis, search and involvement of partners, concept generation, functional zoning, business plan, roadmap and organizational structure.
A creative cluster is a new type of activity for urban subjects, in which art, creativity, education, small-scale production, applied science through joint activities and events are transformed into new social actors, connections, energy, money, ideas, emotions.

The leader of the project seminar — Svyatoslav Murunov, an urbanist, a teacher of the philosophy department of Lomonosov Moscow State University and Skolkovo Moscow School of Management (see full CV in Russian).

The project workshop will be held on June 30 (Friday, from 4 PM to 9PM), July 1 and July 2 (Saturday and Sunday, from 10 AM to 9 PM). 

The seminar will be held in Chekhov Library, Moskovsky prospekt, 39.


Lectures and discussions:
– three-layer model of the city;
– typology of creative clusters, public spaces and their role;
– social design of public spaces, creative activity;
– technology «Creative cluster 3.0»;
– technologies of involvement and moderation of urban subjects (administration, business, urban communities, activists, etc.);
– business plan of the creative cluster;
– generation of ideas, concepts, formation of the subject, its value system, project parametrization;
– curators / producers / methodologist (competences, motivation, technologies);
– events as a tool for real change;
– project economics (for example, coworking);
– workshop technology (how to properly build work in the project).

Team practice:
– problematization, the technology of setting tasks;
– control scheme of the creative cluster;
– public spaces in the creative cluster (generation of scenarios);
– event generation;
– formation of organizational structure;
– a roadmap for launching a creative cluster;
– design (goals, concept, subjects);
– partnership between clusters (network event calendar);
– presentation of projects and subsequent reflection.

Individual practice:
– methods for the urban environment and cultural codes analysis;
– social experiment (exit to the city);
– social competences / technology of formation of network teams, social experiment;
– additional sources of income for the creative cluster (cases, the formation of individual technology).

The final program will be published closer to the date after the correction for the participants’ requests. Participation in the project seminar is free, registration is obligatorily, the limit of participants is 70.

Photos © Andrei Kolbin, project workshop in St. Petersburg in 2016